A collection of portrait series and landscape projects.


Homesharing is the perfect solution to two perennial problems – the isolation of old age and the poverty of youth.

On Ilkley Moor

Since 1967, the highlight of the British orienteering calendar has been the Jan Kjellstrom competition. Over 3,000 people took part in this fusion of cross country running and land navigation on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire.

On the Bag

Shot during the PGA European Tour these are the unsung heroes of the golf course. There knowledge and experience can be the difference between making the cut and going home early. Caddying is no walk in the park.

Pastures New

I was born in the English New Town of Milton Keynes in the 1980s when much of it was still fields. It had been conceived, in the 1960s, as a radical solution to the post-war housing crisis and as an opportunity to create a utopian city of the future in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Recently, I went back to find that a place designed to make perfect sense had ended up making no sense at all.

Filling the Void

As the demand for affordable housing increases across the UK, politicians and planners are increasingly keen to urbanise available land trapped between the suburbs and the greenbelt. The proposed East Leeds Extension is one example of a large-scale city expansion designed to increase the quantity of affordable housing. This is what the area looks like today. 

Hope Springs Eternal

It's easy to forget the unprecedented optimism with which the England football team and their fans went into the 2006 World Cup. Across the country, national pride swept all before it.

Lunch Hour

Across the north of England, people make time for a bite to eat away from their desks.


Milton Keynes has officially reached middle age. To mark its fortieth birthday, the Milton Keynes Contemporary Gallery commissioned 40 portraits to represent a snapshot of those who call MK home. 


OPAL works to reduce the loneliness and isolation of older people living in a wide area of north Leeds, as well as improving the quality of their lives by enabling them to live independently, safely and healthily. The charity gives practical and emotional support to 700 older people.  


Sense is a national charity that supports people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments or complex needs, to enjoy more independent lives.